Offstimme finds experienced voice-over artists for all your voice needs. Our team of professional artists will provide the perfect voice for:

  • Film dubbing and looping
  • TV advertisements
  • Radio advertisements and announcements
  • Video & film trailers / teasers
  • Promo spots
  • Animation characterisation and/or dubbing
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR for telephones etc.)
  • Station idents
  • Corporate image films
  • Narration
  • Audio books
  • Podcasts

We will make sure you get the right native speaker for your project. All our voice artists are native speakers, so you are guaranteed no accents, unless you want one. If you can't find the voice you need on our website, just get in touch with us directly. We will suggest speakers that we know are reliable and will fit your project perfectly.

Offstimme also provides translation and proof-reading services. The translators we use have experience with texts that should be spoken, not just read. They take care that their translations match the content and the style of the original, so that it sounds good when our voice artists record it. Offstimme makes sure that you get accurate, polished and masterful voice-overs for your project.

We offer:

  • fast ONLINE delivery of audio files
  • strategic consulting
  • final mix of audio
  • express delivery

Audio files are available in the following formats:

  • mp3
  • aiff
  • wav
  • flac
  • raw

Other formats available on request.